Massage therapy is manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being. The Skin & Body Klinic takes a clinical approach to healing and pain management. We are not like the chain massage spas. The difference is that we assess pain, incorporate clinical techniques, and provide treatment. Massage is not a luxury, its a necessity!

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Customize Your Experience with Aromatherapy | Bamboo | Hot stones

Signature Massage

A traditional full body massage with light to medium pressure using effleurage, rolling and kneading techniques for relaxation, circulation and tension release.

60 min $90 / 90 min $120


Medical Massage

Medical massage is a good option if you have repetitive use injury to a muscle, such as what you may get from playing a sport. It is also works well if you are prone to injuries because it can be used as a preventative measure. Finally, it can be used to increase flexibility or performance, as well as relieve pain, anxiety or muscle tension. It can be done as a full-body massage or the therapist may choose to focus on the areas that need the most attention.

Rehabilitative Stretching

A technique that increases the extensibility of soft tissue to improve range of motion and flexibility. It elongates and lengthens fascia and muscle tissue that has become shortened and immobile over time.

30 mins $70/ 15 mins Add-On $35.00

Deep Tissue Massage

A firmer Swedish massage that aides in joint mobility and stress relief. This customized treatment addresses your individual area of muscle fatigue and tension.

60 min $110 / 90 min $140


Specifically designed to create tranquil relaxation and a stress free atmosphere for Mothers-to-be. Gentle movements relieve muscle cramps, spasms, and myofacial pain, especially in lower back, neck, hips and legs. We recommend consulting with your doctor, prior to booking.

60 min $90

Lymphatic Drainage

A specialized technique provided by one of our highly trained massage therapists to aid in drainage of excess body fluid. This technique is beneficial in releasing excess toxins in the systems and reducing swelling. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is used frequently when working with people who have various medical conditions including Lymph edema.

60 min $85 /90 min $130

Fibromayalgia Massage

Labeled as one of the most beneficial treatments for Fibromayalgia sufferers. Increase your blood circulation, flexibility, and range of motion. Decrease stress and depression, pain, stiffness and improve your sleep patterns.

60 min from $80

Post-Op Plastic Surgery Massage

Tummy tucks, Liposuction and Mommy Makeovers… Whether plastic surgery is utilized for health purposes or cosmetic reasons, the after-effects are the same for everyone – pain, swelling, scarring, heightened anxiety and, at times, depression. Help reduce the dosage or length of time of drugs are used, as well as aid in the healing process.  We recommend a series of 6 or 9 treatments.

Massage   $85

Series of 3 $250

Series of 6 $500

Series of 9 $750

Trigger Point Therapy

A technique that focuses on detecting and releasing trigger points. Trigger points are spot located in skeletal muscle that produces pain when compressed. Perfect as an Add-On to any Relaxation Massage

60 mins $100

20 mins  $45 Add-On

40 mins  $75 Add-On


Coffee/ Sugar / Salt Body Rub

Add-on to any massage

A great way to remove dead skin using warmed Coffee (lessen the appearance of cellulite), Sugar (great for sensitive skin) or Salt (great for thicker skin or inflammation)


Infrared Sauna Treatment

Add-On to any massage or body treatment