Say goodbye to mascara! Our Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are the perfect compliment to any woman that wants to shave time off of her beauty routine.  Wake up and go, no more time waisted on applying layers of mascara to create the perfect lash.

Lashes last about 4-6 weeks depending on the natural lash’s growth cycle.  Refills recommended at 3 weeks.

It is our policy that a full set is followed by three (3) refills.  Once that cycle is completed you must start a new.  We recommend that you do not wear makeup during your appointment.

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Classic  $95.00

You, only better!  This style follows your natural eye shape with a subtle and gradual flare at the outer corner, with shorter lashes in the inner corner.

Eye shapes best suited for: almond, protruding, mono-lid, close-set eyes.

Hybrid  $120.00

Hybrid is a mix of classic and volume lash extensions. Mixing these lashes together creates a level of fullness that cannot be achieved by classic or volume lashes alone.

Volume  $165.00

6-9D Custom Volume lashes are made up of 6-9 individual strands that  offer a dramatic, made-up look – perfect for achieving the look of thick mascara without having to apply any mascara at all.

Mega Volume $200

10-12D Custom Volume lashes are made up of 10-12 individual strands and offer an extreme dramatic, made-up loo. Lighter than a feather, lusciously fluffy and fairy floss soft, Mega Volume uses larger volume fans and finer lashes to create maximum lash density while maintaining a more natural look than is possible with Russian Volume lash extensions.

Lash Lift

This treatment uses eye-safe chemicals to permanently alter the shape of the hair—from straight to curled—and it lasts as long as the natural growth cycle of your hair. A tint is also added to the lash to make them darker in color and give the appearance of mascara.  This treatment is ideal for women that have average to above average length lashes. Treatment last 8-10 weeks.

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