This time of year is when stress levels tend to increase for whatever reason! Financial, emotional, schedules etc, please find time to unwind. Break up your daily routine. Turn off the TV, soak in the tub, or pull away from your cell phone. Actively take in more oxygen by stopping what your doing and take 10 deep breaths. Not only will it bring more oxygen which is essential to daily body functions, it will also slow down a racing heart beat that can be triggered by stress and clear your mind!

Another great way to combat stress is to get away from your daily routine and come in for a massage. This is not a luxury treatment, it is a necessity. Allowing a Massage Therapist to work and stretch the muscles is important to just generally feeling better. Whether we sit at a desk all day or goto the gym 3-5/week, a massage will guarantee emotional and physical improvement.

In January, we are starting Massage Membership and you should join! Why? Not only will it allow you to relax and feel better, our Massage Therapist can address pain from injuries and help correct posture issues.

If you have never had a massage book an appointment. We customize your treatment with aromatherapy, hot stones or Reflexology.

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